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Section Manager
Chuck Motes, K1DFS
22 Woodside Lane
Plainville, CT 06082
860-747-8377 (night)

Assistant Section Manager and Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator
Wayne R Gronlund Phd, N1CLV
11 Monticello Dr
East Lyme, CT 06333-1228
(860) 441-2777,
(860) 739-6384

Assistant Section Manager emeritus
Al Cohen, W1FXQ
42 Jeffrey Ln
Newington, CT 06111-1616
(860) 667-2864

Assistant Section Managers
Betsey Doane, K1EIC
92 Mohegan Rd
Shelton, CT
(203) 929-7759

Jim Ritterbusch, KD1YV
8B Kayview Ave.
Bethel, CT 
(203) 837-0143

Official Observer Coordinator
Chuck Newman, NA1CN

Public Information Coordinator
Dana Borgman, KA1WPM
72 Wetmore Ave
Winsted, CT 06098

Assistant Public Information Coordinator
Albert E Petrunti, KA1TCH
77 White Pine Rd
Torrington, CT 06790-2354
(860) 626-8572

Section Emergency Coordinator
Mike Walters, W8ZY

Section Traffic Manager
Anne M West, K1STM
42 Academy St. Apt. 102
Southington, CT 06489-3259
(860) 628-6454

Section Youth Coordinator
Douglas Sharafanowich - WA1SFH
168 Housatonic Dr.
Milford, CT 06460
(203) 494 3885

State Government Liaison
Jonathan Beatty, WF1H
9 Bellaire Manor
Cromwell, CT 06416
(860) 704-9870

Technical Coordinator
Steve Simons, W1SMS
33 Ball Pond Road
Danbury, CT 06811
(203) 733 2110

Welcome to New Hams

Larry Buck, K1HEJ
262 Winthrop St
New Britain, CT 06052-1623

Connecticut Section Announcements

by Section Manager Chuck Motes, K1DFS

October 1, 2016

As your new Section Manager, it is a distinct privilege to serve the amateur radio community of Connecticut. Before getting to announcements, however, credit for where we are and our future direction need to be acknowledged.

Betsey Doane, K1EIC, has served Connecticut and the ARRL for 25 years, as Section Manager. That is a singularly excellent record! Her devotion to ham radio, hard work on our behalf and forward sight has placed us in an excellent condition both as an avocation, and in the eyes of the state of Connecticut. She has encouraged contesting, participated in Field Days galore!, been at the front of traffic handling in and out of Connecticut, pushed for S.E.T. exercises and wholeheartedly worked in and supported ARES. Betsey may say that this has been accomplished with the help of many others, and that’s true. But it still takes foresight and leadership. Thank you Betsey!

Betsey may have retired as S.M., but she’s only taken a step back and a couple of breaths. At my request she has agreed to serve as Assistant Section Manager, and will act as SM in my absence or inability. She will serve in a smooth transition and continuity of operations going forward.

Wayne Gronlund, N1CLV, has served as Section Emergency Coordinator for a number of years, and is currently the representative of amateur radio in Connecticut to the State Interoperability Committee. He will continue in that capacity as an Assistant Section Manager – and will wear a second hat as an ASEC in Region 4. Wayne and a number of other hams have helped in the build-out of a Digital Mobile Radio network (with the state Police) throughout Connecticut. This network is principally an ARES resource. Wayne’s successor is Mike Walters, W8ZY, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in emergency communications. Welcome aboard, Mike.

Chuck Newman, NA1CN, from Southeastern Connecticut is your new Official Observer Coordinator. Chuck has served as an OO for a number of years and has been very active in addressing issues of compliance with FCC regulations and amateur behavior on-the-air. Thanks, Chuck.

Larry Buck, K1HEJ, has retired as an Assistant Section Manager, but has agreed to continue with the “Welcome” letter to new hams. It’s a great introduction to our new members in the hobby, giving them some hints on what they can do and who they can talk to. Larry is also a Packet “Guru” of great experience, and will continue to help in that area.

The remainder of the Section Cabinet is comprised of people who have served admirably for a number of years, and will continue the service and tradition in Connecticut. Thank you all for staying on. We will do well together over the next years. So, most of the people who have been helping out and keeping things moving are still on board, and we have a couple of new members to add.

The Connecticut Section ARRL Cabinet is as follows, for 2016-2018:

SM: Chuck Motes, K1DFS

ASM: (Emeritus) AL, W1FXQ; Betsy, K1EIC: Jim, KD1YV; Wayne, N1CLV

OOC: Chuck Newman, NA1CN


SEC: Mike Walters, W8ZY

 ASECs: ROD, N1FNE; Brian, K1BRF; Art, AF1HS; Wayne, N1CLV

SGL: Jon, WF1H


SYC: Douglas, WA1SFH

TC: Steve, W1SMS

Welcome to New Hams: Larry, K1HEJ

We have lots to do over the next three months:

The 24th Nutmeg Hamfest on October 16th (see you there!)

An exercise in sending “County Reports” to military stations on 60 meters, October 31st-November 1st.

Possible plans for a S.E.T. with ARES and NTS? Stay tuned!

Settling in with plans for the next year.

Contests, contests, contests.

Local and state traffic nets.

ARES nets and preparation for the winter storms (electrical outages, ice storms, emergency services).

In the meantime, if there are questions and suggestions, send an email.

Very 73,


Chuck Motes, K1DFS

Chuck Motes, K1DFS new Section Manager for CT

Chuck Motes

Chuck Motes, K1DFS takes the lead as new Section Manager for the CT Section of ARRL.  He was elected to fill the position beginning with the October 2016 term. Chuck's ham career spans 7 decades, and he has an exemplary background in public service as well as emergency communications. Chuck and his wife, Rita N1KCJ, live in Plainville, CT.    To contact Chuck, write to K1DFS@ARRL.ORG.

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ARRL Honors Veteran Section Manager Upon Her Retirement

Retiring ARRL Connecticut Section Manager Betsey Doane, K1EIC, was honored on September 10 at the New England Division Convention in Boxboro, Massachusetts, for her many years of service.
See the full article.

K1EIC shows off her plaque
Betsey Doane, K1EIC, proudly displays plaque awarded her.
Photo courtesy of Steve Ewald, WV1X.

Plaque close-up
Close-up of plaque showing special inscription.
Photo courtesy of Steve Ewald, WV1X.

SM's Cabinet Meets; Hears ARRL CEO NY2RF

By Jim Ritterbusch, KD1YV
Assistant Section Manager

Outgoing Section Manager Betsey Doane, K1EIC, held what will probably be her last cabinet meeting on August 18 at Paradise Pizzza in New Britain.  Betsey presented a special plaque to Larry Buck, K1HEJ honoring his years of dedicated service to her and to the section.

Betsey To Larry

Special guests Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, new ARRL CEO (pictured below) and Tom Freneye, K1KF, New England Division Director presented to the group.

Also in attendance were Douglas Sharafanowich, WA1SFH, Dana Borgman, KA1WPM, Steve Ewald, WV1X, Barbara Lombardi, K1EIR, Ann Marie West, K1STM, Rod Lane, N1FNE, Wayne Gronlund, N1CLV, Jonathan Bearry, WF1H and Jim Ritterbusch, KD1YV.

Governor Issues Amateur Radio Week Proclamation
                  Proclamation thumb

The Honorable Governor Dannel P. Malloy has issued a 2016 Proclamation honoring Amateur Radio Week, and Field Day.  Click on the thumnail to the left for the full image (PDF).

To obtain the full text version, write to SM Betsey Doane, K1EIC@ARRL.ORG

National Traffic System (NTS) Corner


CT Section

Submitted by: Ann-Marie, K1STM

Month: September 2016

Station Activity Report

K1HEJ 0 24 29 1 54
KB1NMO 1 22 4 1 28
K1XFC 0 13 10 2 25

Public Service Honor Roll
CALL 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
K1HEJ 40 40 20 0 0 0 100
KB1NMO 40 28 20 0 0 0 88
K1XFC 40 25 10 5 0 0 80

Net Statistics
CN 8 11 3 WA1GGN
CPN 30 163 70 WX1T
ECTN 30 185 16 W1MCT
NVTN 30 151 27 KB1ZBH
Wescon 30 332 50 KB1NMO KB1BSK

Schedule of NTS Nets

NTS Nets Day (s) Time (local) Freq/offset/PL NM QTH
CT Phone Net (CPN) M - S 1800 Local 3.973 Mhz
None / none
CT Phone Net (CPN) Sun. 1000 Local 3.965 Mhz
None / none
CT Net (CN) Sa-Su only
1900 Local 3.533 Mhz
WA1GGN West Haven
Western CT Traffic Net
Daily 2030 Local 147.18/+600 141.3 KB1NMO Prospect

Daily 2030 Local 147.12/+600 141.3 KB1NMO Danbury

Daily 2030 Local 145.41/-600 141.3 KB1NMO Vernon
Eastern CT Traffic Net (ECTN) Daily 2100 Local 146.73/-600 156.7 W1MCT Norwich
Nutmeg VHF Traffic Net (NVTN) Wed
2130 Local W-M 147.09 +600 110.9 KB1RGQ Glastonbury
Nutmeg VHF Traffic Net (NVTN)
Thu through Tues
2130 Local 146.685 -600 141.3 KB1RGQ Bristol


Net Frequency or System Day Time
HF Admin Net (SSB) 3.964 Mhz. During Activation During Activation
State wide VHF (FM) KB1AEV – N1FNE – NA1RA System Sunday &
during activation
8 PM Local
as needed
Region 1 (FM) 146.775 – 600 Khz PL 100,0 Hz 1st Monday of month 8 PM Local
Region 2 (FM) 442.500 + DCS 073, Woodbridge Monday 7:45 PM Local

145.290 – 600 PL 110.9 Hz Killingworth Monday 7:45 PM Local

446.925 – PL 77

Region 3 (FM)
KB1AEV – N1FNE systems
Every Monday

8 PM Local

Region 4 North (FM)
147.225 + 600 Khz
PL 156.7 Hz
Every Wed except 1st Wed 8 PM Local
after weather net

146.400 simplex 1st Wed 8 PM Local

Region 4 South
147.060 + 600 Khz
PL 156.7 Hz,

Every Monday

8 PM Local

146.970 Mhz
PL 156.7 Hz.
New London

When needed

When needed

Region 5 North
Na1RA – KB1AEV system
Wed Night

7 PM Local

Region 5 South
147.300 + 600 Khz
PL 100.0 Hz

2nd Wed of month

8 PM Local

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What is NTS?  What are nets?  What is traffic?

These questions are answered in this very nice guide written by Mark W2EAG and is used here with enthusiastic permission.  There may be a couple of inconsistencies as some time has elapsed but they can be handled on a case-bycase basis.  The material is well written and represents a great deal of work by an avid traffic handler.  I hope it is useful to you and that you enjoy the content.  Traffic Handlers Guide

Calendar of events

During the move of our internet host, we upgraded the Web Calendar to the most recent version.  It has some new features, but nothing daunting.  Give it a try - post your upcoming events for all CT hams to see.

The WebCalendar is designed so that club officials, section leadership and other hams may post events for public viewing.  Follow this link for instructions.

Section News

Section Leadership:

Section Manager (SM) Chuck K1DFS

Assistants (ASMs): Emeritus Al, W1FXQ; Betsey, K1EIC; Jim, KD1YV

Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Chuck, NA1CN

Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Dana, KA1WPM

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Mike, W8ZY

Assistants (ASECs): Rod, N1FNE; Brian, K1BRF; Art, AF1HS; Wayne, N1CLV

State Government Liaison (SGL) Jon, WF1H

Section Traffic Manager (STM) Anne, K1STM

Section Youth Coordinator (SYC) Douglas, WA1SFH

Technical Coordinator (TC) Steve W1SMS

From last month's report by Betsey, K1EIC

Greetings all!

The first thing I want to say is a big thank you to our Division director Tom Frenaye K1KI and vice director Mike Raisbeck K1TWF for the beautiful plaque on the occasion of my retirement as SM, their kind words and their thoughtfulness. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful notes of congratulations and friendship. Special thanks to the many volunteers who served on my cabinet; I appreciated their counsel, dedication and good work. When any one of us receives an award, we’re all uplifted and should share in the celebration because our work depends on the support of others. Our programs in CT continue to be dynamic because of your enthusiasm and teamwork. Thus, you enhance Amateur radio and enjoy the camaraderie our hobby and service provides. The Section has close to 50 active ARRL clubs and strong ARRL programs. As a group, you appropriately demand activities that keep you moving forward with technical and operating training.

It truly has been a privilege to lead this Section these last 25 years. Together, we have had a lot of fun at both small and large events. Each of you has your own memories of a variety of Amateur radio experiences. These newsletters are archived on the ARRL site so if you are so inclined, browse through them and read about our involvement in Special Olympics 1995 which involved every program in the field organization (see “The 1995 Special Olympics World Games” QST October, 1995 p. 24), TOPOFF 3 in 2005 (, “Spring training” (Section news April, 2009) in 2009, very many public service events, excellent simulated emergency tests and work in real emergencies during hurricanes and snow storms, the excitement of new modes including large packet boards prevalent in the early 1990’s, Winlink, the rapid rise of DMR in CT, mesh networking, and so much more. I can tell you for sure that each of my SECs and I always enjoyed coming to your field day sites, witnessing your creativity, operating a bit, sharing some food and of course, hamming it up by way of some great in-person QSOs. What fun!

Now, there’s even more fun coming. It’s time for the Nutmeg Hamfest, our State Convention sponsored by the Meriden Amateur Radio Club. Read about it in this note from John, N1GNV: “Hi Friends:

The Twenty-Fourth Annual Nutmeg Hamfest will take place on Sunday, October 16th, 2016 Southern New England's Biggest and Best Hamfest!

Where: The Sheraton 4-Points Hotel, 275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT.

When: Vendor Setup and Tailgating at 6AM. Exhibits open at 8AM

What: New and Used Ham Radios, Accessories, Electronics, Surplus, etc. Interesting Forums and Displays; VE Testing, Connecticut State ARRL Convention, and much more.

More: As many of you know, Betsey, K1EIC has retired after 25 years as ARRL CT Section Manager. Take this opportunity to thank her and to welcome incoming SM Chuck Motes, K1DFS at the ARRL forum.

Sky warn Coordinator Steve Williams, K1SJW, will offer an overview of Ham Radio's invaluable assistance when severe weather strikes.

And Steve Ford, WB8IMY, will have a great presentation on JT-65 and other digital modes. Don't miss this one! Attention Sellers: We still have a few prime indoor tables available. E-mail for details.

Complete information on our Website,

Thanks and 73, John Bee N1GNV”

You also know that SEC Wayne Gronlund, N1CLV is retiring from this position after eight years of excellent service to the Section. At the ARRL Forum, I will be presenting an engraved plaque to Wayne so please come at 9:00 AM and celebrate Wayne’s work.

DEC Douglas WA1SFH will be on hand to coordinate the “go kit” competition at the ARES booth so get your kits ready and share your ideas with others. For rules and information, go to v

The day before, Saturday, October 15, is also important. You have all spoken about getting more young people into Amateur radio. Now Section Youth Coordinator Douglas WA1SFH has an opportunity for you to do just that. He needs your help so please read on.

“I have been asked by 3 SEPARATE BSA CAMPS to coordinate support for HF and VHF/UHF Amateur Radio stations for the Boy Scouts to participate in this “non-competition” event at each Camp.

This is a “captive audience” for us, and for many scouts this will be their first encounter with Amateur Radio. It is a great opportunity for us to “spark” their imagination and help them to start building the dream about being a Ham. (Have you seen the ARRL brochure for kids, “22 Things You Can Do”?) We are looking for 3 complete stations (preferably 4), with 3-4 operators for each location. It is a full day of Radio Fun as you introduce 200-250 scouts to our great hobby.

Locations: Goshen, New Hartford, Redding. Status (9/20/16) REDDING The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club (GNARC) has graciously agreed to bring 2 full stations and operators here. - Still looking for a Club (or other folks) to bring and operate a 3rd complete station.

Imagine being able to introduce over 200 kids to our great hobby in just one day! But to do that, we need YOUR HELP. The Camps in Goshen and New Harford are beautiful in October and provide a wonderful day ‘in the country’. So, no matter where you live, you will have a great experience just by coming out for the day.”—WA1SFH To volunteer your Club or to sign up individually, please contact Douglas at:

Now I will say 73 as the author of these monthly newsletters and want you to know how much I have appreciated your comments about the news over the years. Many thanks to the ARRL staff, especially Steve Ewald who is unbelievably helpful. He is never too busy for leaders in the field. I know that you will give our new SM Chuck Motes, K1DFS your help and support. I’ll see you on the air, on the nets and at hamfests.

As I said when I received the award at the Division Convention, I thank my family and close friends for their encouragement and, most of all, God for the ability to lead this great Section.

As I assume the helm of Connecticut Section, I’m going to need your help in keeping this site up to date with the latest news and activities.  Betsey, as ASM, will still be very active in Section work, and both of us will see you on the air, on the nets and at hamfests.

Section Manager: Charles I. Motes, Jr., (Chuck), K1DFS

Ham Activation at Scout Reservation

By Douglas Sharafanowich, KA1SFH,
Section Youth Coordinator

I took my Go Boxes and Go Kits to Deer Lake Scout Reservation in Killingworth to share the magic of amateur radio with Cub Scouts

Equipment and Accessories
5' Table loaded with:
- VHF/UHF Go Box, (Voice and Packet Radio capable)
- HF Go Box (ICOM 706 mk II G with LDG Z-100 tuner)
- Globe (Visual Prop)

- MFJ Practice Key (Hands on: to send the scout’s name in Morse Code).

Beside the Table on the ground

- 2 Stacked Rubbermaid Totes as an additional improvised table with a  Briefcase on top with brochures.
- a 100 Amp Hour Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Masts and Antennas
HF: Orange Jackite 30' mast retracted to about 26' ( top 2 sections nested for additional strength). This had a Yo-Yo V antenna (inverted V fan dipole) set for 40m & 20m.  Fed with 50' of RG-8x coax.
VHF/UHF: tripod, 16' mast, Dual Band 5' 8" vertical. Fed with 50' of 1/2" Low loss Bury/Flex Coax.

I used one side of my car to mount the world callsign map and a trifold with various brochure covers as visual props. Note to self: Pack QSL Card Displays.  LOL!


Limited visitors.

There were 5 out of a possible 35 campers who stopped by (briefly). I would say that at least 3 of them were excited by what they did and saw there.

Lessons Learned:

#1: Non-Optional Scheduled Activity
Make certain that the GOTA station is a part of the non-optional “Scheduled Activities” on the day’s Program.
- While I had thought this was a done deal, it turned out that Tuesday afternoon was an “Optional Activity” period.
This will be addressed at the Camp Debrief.
#2: Location - Location - Location

Establishing a central location for maximum visual awareness and heightening natural curiosity.

- Being banished to the “Back 40” (or perimeter) puts your operation effectively in Siberia, and nobody will come.
This will also be addressed at the Camp Debrief.\

Action Plan

Item #1 is Non-Negotiable
If the organizers are not willing to do this, then don’t bother going any further in discussions.
Without Item #1 being chiseled in stone, the Amateur Radio GOTA Mission is doomed.

- Your trip becomes a time consuming exercise in Travel, Portable Station Set-up and Take-Down - with a few contacts made for fun.

Item #2: Organizers need your help with properly locating the GOTA Station.

- Even with agreement to Point #1, you still need to fight the Outer Mongolia syndrome and having scouts skip coming out to the GOTA Station.

PS: Jamboree On The Air  (JOTA) 2016 is Oct. 14-16
          - The Big Day is Saturday, Oct. 15.



Douglas Sharafanowich – WA1SFH

Section Youth Coordinator – Connecticut
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Dayton Hamvention Moves to New Home in 2017


Officials announced that the annual Hamvention event will relocate to the fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio after the Hara Arena closes.  See the full story at

VHF drill includes airborne repeater

by Mike Walters, W8ZY
DEC Region 5

August 6th, is the date of the annual Region 5 Simplex Drill for CT ARES. This exercise, designed and managed by Paul Gibb – KB1TOR, ADEC for Region 5, is designed to test the following:

  1. Activate as many of the EOC stations in Region 5 as possible.
  2. Man those stations with ARES operators.
  3. Test the ability to communicate on through a directed net controlled from Winchester Center.

This year we tested the following capabilities:

  1. 2 meter simplex test to stations all over the region with relays designated as needed.
  2. Test an airborne 2 meter simplex repeater carried aloft by the Danbury Civil Air Patrol.
  3. Test a 40 meter SSB net among stations with HF capability.

We had the following results:

  1. Approximately 75 operators in a total of 35 locations participated.
  2. The 2 meter simplex test proves that we can operate over a large area without the repeaters.
  3. The airborne repeater worked very well in allowing communication with distant EOC’s.
  4. An APRS tracker on the plane allowed real-time tracking so we knew where the plane was.
  5. When the plane was in a turn the antenna picture changed and reception on the repeater changed.
  6. As expected 40 meters was challenging with only local traffic. Most stations have NVIS antennas.

We have proven that in an emergency we can hold a net across the large area that is Region 5 without the aid of the repeaters. The airborne repeater, while functional is only another available tool in the toolbox for emergency communications. The concept works and could be put into action if needed. A stationary simplex repeater can also be evaluated.

The test is an annual event and we will do a smaller version in February so we can compare winter conditions.

Thanks to Paul and all of the operators that manned the EOC stations across the region.

Job well done.

The Great 2016 “GO BOX” Competition

By Douglas Sharafanowich, KA1SFH,

Section Youth Coordinator

ALL Hams Welcome to Enter!
DATE:   Sunday, October 16, 2016 Hours:  8:30 am – 10 am
Sheraton Four-Points Hotel, 275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT

Get organized to “Go Portable”!
- Eliminate the last minute hunting for gear before leaving.
- Banish the frustration of not having what you need at the operating site… because it is still back at the home QTH.

The “Go Box” is probably the best way to organize your radio equipment for those times when you want to (or need to) “Grab-‘n-Go” for Portable Operations such as:

- Day Trips
- Weekend Get-Aways
- Vacations
- Public Service Events
- ARES Drills/Exercises
- Real World Disasters


Don’t have a “Go Box”? Get Started and Build one!   You’ll be glad you did.  ;-)

Sponsored by: CT ARES – Region 2


Douglas Sharafanowich – WA1SFH

District Emergency Coordinator, Region 2

Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CT ARES)

NTS Picnic Pictures on this Web Site

See some photos of hams having a great time at the annual Eastern Area NTS Picnic held at the QTH of Betsey, K1EIC.  Follow this link to the Pictures Pag

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Section Manager's blog appears on CT section of ARRL site

See some very interesting short items and links at

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