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Section Manager
Betsey Doane, K1EIC
92 Mohegan Rd
Shelton, CT
(203) 929-7759

Assistant Section Manager emeritus
Al Cohen, W1FXQ
42 Jeffrey Ln
Newington, CT 06111-1616
(860) 667-2864

Assistant Section Managers
Jim Ritterbusch, KD1YV
8B Kayview Ave.
Bethel, CT 
(203) 837-0143

Larry Buck, K1HEJ
262 Winthrop St
New Britain, CT 06052-1623

Official Observer Coordinator
Chuck Motes K1DFS 
22 Woodside Lane,
Plainville, CT  06062
860-747-6377 (night)

Public Information Coordinator
Dana Borgman, KA1WPM
72 Wetmore Ave
Winsted, CT 06098

Assistant Public Information Coordinator
Albert E Petrunti, KA1TCH
77 White Pine Rd
Torrington, CT 06790-2354
(860) 626-8572

Section Emergency Coordinator
Wayne R Gronlund Phd, N1CLV
11 Monticello Dr
East Lyme, CT 06333-1228
(860) 441-2777,
(860) 739-6384

Section Traffic Manager
Anne M West, K1STM
42 Academy St. Apt. 102
Southington, CT 06489-3259
(860) 628-6454

Section Youth Coordinator
Douglas Sharafanowich - WA1SFH
168 Housatonic Dr.
Milford, CT 06460
(203) 494 3885

State Government Liaison
Jonathan Beatty, WF1H
9 Bellaire Manor
Cromwell, CT 06416
(860) 704-9870

Technical Coordinator
Steve Simons, W1SMS
33 Ball Pond Road
Danbury, CT 06811
(203) 733 2110

Section News  (October)

from Betsey Doane, K1EIC

Section Leadership:  
  • Section Manager (SM) Betsey, K1EIC

  • Assistants (ASMs): Emeritus Al, W1FXQ; Jim, KD1YV; Larry, K1HEJ

  • Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Chuck, K1DFS

  • Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Dana, KA1WPM

  • Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Wayne, N1CLV

  • Assistants (ASECs): Rod, N1FNE; Brian, K1BRF; Art, AF1HS; Ron, K1VSC; Bill, W1GTT

  • State Government Liaison (SGL) Jonathan, WF1H

  • Section Traffic Manager (STM) Anne, K1STM

  • Section Youth Coordinator (SYC) Douglas WA1SFH
  • Technical Coordinator (TC) Steve W1SMS

THIS JUST IN FROM OUR SEC Wayne N1CLV: “Greetings! We expect to be impacted by a significant winter storm over the next 18-36 hours. According to the latest advisory from Governor Malloy’s office, total snowfall is currently forecast to range from 2” to 4” along the immediate coast and southeastern Connecticut, 6” to 10” in the valleys of central and northern Connecticut and up to 14” in the Northwest and Northeast Hills. I am raising the CT ARES activation status to Level 1 Alert effective at 0800 (8:00 AM) EST tomorrow morning, Wednesday, 26 November 2014. The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is being partially activated at that time as well. Please maintain good situational awareness as this storm develops by watching/listening to your preferred weather forecast sources. Please be prepared to assist our Served Agencies (if requested) by ensuring your radio batteries are charged, vehicles and generators are fueled, etc. The safety of you and your family should be your highest priority! Now is the time to make preparations to keep your family safe should you be asked to deploy. Remember, you should NOT deploy without direction from the appropriate ARES or local official. Thanx & 73, Wayne N1CLV CT ARES - SEC Email: Communications is the link between problems and solutions.”

Thanksgiving and the weather are on our minds this week. On behalf of the entire Section leadership, I wish each of you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and a very special holiday season. We sure have lots to be thankful for-- this unique fraternity of Amateur radio operators with its dedicated national organization and our special friendships we have as Amateur radio operators. Working together and learning from each other are experiences we all treasure.

SEC Wayne N1CLV reports that there was plenty of activity at all levels throughout the simulated emergency test. I ran the HF net and noticed lighter activity there, but VHF and digital modes were very active in all ARES and NTS programs. There were also experimental DMR nets included in this year’s test. It was exciting to hear so many new operators check into the nets. ECs and NMs, if you have reports, I am asking you to please take some time this weekend to get them to Wayne— And if you have stories or anecdotes you wish to share, do not hesitate to write your DEC, SEC or me—sharing your experiences is all part of the fun! Thank you all for participating in this exercise; your time is very much appreciated by the Section and ARES leadership. We all thank the repeater owners and trustees for making their systems available for this test.

Our sincere sympathy to Bill Hawes, KB1UAU and his family on the death of his wife Linda. Bill is active on the NTS VHF traffic nets and serves as an assistant NM to Bob KB1RGQ on the Nutmeg VHF Traffic Net. He is also active in The Western CT Traffic Net. You can write Bill a note, email Bill, we’re all right here for you. Know that our prayers are with you and your family.

Clubs are busy planning their holiday parties. Some ops are hoping for DMR radios for Christmas! You see, there have been several talks around the Section about Digital Mobile Radio. SEC Wayne N1CLV and Paul N1RHN spoke at the Valley Amateur Radio Association about DMR and a plan to enhance ARES and general Amateur radio communications with DMR repeaters at sites sponsored by the W1SP State Police Amateur Radio Club. Several other clubs lately have enjoyed similar talks about DMR—I know if I start to name them, I will miss some. Just know that folks in the Section are excited about this technology in Amateur radio. Write to your DEC or to the SEC for more info. Understand, that this is new to all of us so be patient as we work together to answer your questions and provide accurate information. We’ll get that up on the CT ARES web site

STM Anne K1STM reports that the CT Phone Net is looking for a new net manager. Jim N1DIO has been NM since October, 1995 and has asked to step down. This is an HF NTS Section net that meets Monday-Saturday at 1800 hours on 3.973 and 1000 hours on Sunday on 3.965. The net has been in operation since the early 50’s or maybe late 40’s. I have been on that net since the late 50’s when I was a teenager and even though there isn’t the traffic we used to have lately, the net is expected to operate. For example, Glenn NK1N now in NJ checked in the other night; I haven’t heard him for 20 years. He used to live in Eastern CT. George N1YAE from NH and Bill KW1B in NC sometimes check in as well. Dave W2CC from NJ has been on the net for years. So it’s special in CT and we need a net manager. If you are interested, please contact STM Anne K1STM email Thanks.

Two weeks ago, I had the occasion to visit Seattle, WA. My twin Barb, K1EIR noticed on Facebook that SM Phil K9HI of EMA was going to be there at the same time on business. I had the pleasure of touring the city with Phil one afternoon and sharing our good times as SM in our Sections. Phil has been SM on and off in EMA for many years so it was really fun to be together.

Additionally, I had dinner with Bob WA1HSN and his wife who used to live in West Haven. Bob was at one time NM of CN, the CT Section CW Net. What a thrill! See what I mean about friendships? Aren’t they great? Be thankful—enjoy!

ARRL Connecticut Section

Section Manager: Betsey M Doane, K1EIC

State Government Liaison Position Filled

By Betsey Doane, K1EIC, Section Manager

I am very pleased to tell you that Jonathan Beatty, WF1H, has accepted the appointment of the Section Government Liaison for the CT Section. Jonathan is currently on several local commissions in Cromwell and chairs the wetlands commission so he is well versed in the workings of local and State government and knows several legislators.

On the Amateur radio front, Jonathan is a member of the Middlesex ARC, a past president and a newer ham! He is licensed for just three years, mentored by Paul Lux K1PL, Mac Harper W1FYM and others. He has his Extra class license, enjoys DX and wants to be a card checker.

Professionally, he works for the State DMV in the IT area.

Please welcome this newer op to our this important cabinet position. Feel free to write him on legislative or related matters -- .

Audio file from Preparedness Summit in Atlanta Ga.

by Chuck Motes, K1DFS

Click here to listen to this presentation

I have downloaded an amateur radio presentation from the Preparedness Summit in Atlanta that took place on April 1 - April 4 this year.  It is audio only, and in MP3 or MP4 format.  It is about 11 MBytes.  I can get it over to you on CD this week (before Friday, as I'm out of state for a month starting the 3rd of May.).

The presentation is sponsored by the National Association of County and City Health Officials.  You can see their website at  Check out Preparedness Summit 2014.

The Panel Moderator was Andrew R. Roszak, Senior Director of Environmental Health, Pandemic Preparedness & Catastrophic Response of NACCHO.

Presenters included Dave Cox, Director of Administrative Services, Oklahoma City, OK, and Ralph Dutcher, KD2BDZ, of Rochester New York.

This is an interesting presentation by two hams and a Public Health administrator.  There is audio presentation with slides available, but only to members of NACCHO at present.  I would need to talk to the owners for permissions to copy and provide to others such as ARRL.  I'll bet it would do nicely at the Centennial Conference of the ARRL in Hartford this July.

coax cable text

See the Region 4 CT ARES Mobile Communications Unit at the ARRL Centennial Convention

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service ® (ARES® ) consists of licensed amateur radio operators (also called “hams”) who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. Every licensed amateur is eligible for membership in ARES®. The only qualification, other than possession of an Amateur Radio license, is a sincere desire to serve.

In Connecticut, the ARES® Districts conform to the boundaries of the state’s Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) emergency management areas. Region 4 covers the eastern part of the state (New London and Windham Counties). It is at the local level where most of the real emergency organizing gets accomplished, because this is the level at which most emergencies occur and the level at which ARES® leaders make direct contact with the ARES ® members and with officials of the agencies to be served. This Mobile Communications Unit (MCU) provides Region 4 with a rapidly deployable Amateur Radio Emergency Service® communications asset for our 44 towns/cities and 2 tribal nations.

The MCU provides ARES® trained volunteer emergency communicators with three VHF/UHF dualband Kenwood TM-D710A FM transceivers and one Kenwood TS-480SAT HF SSB transceiver in removable rackmount cases. These radios are capable of both voice and digital/data communications. Two Honda EU2000i ultra-quiet gasoline generators provide up to 4KW of “clean” 120 VAC electrical power. The basic 14-foot V-front trailer is made by Wells Cargo. Funding was provided by a grant from the U. S. Department of Homeland Security under the auspices of RESF-5 Emergency Management.

Region 4 Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Mobile Communications Unit (MCU) 120 VAC Power supplied by two Honda EU2000i Generators (can be operated in parallel) ARES MCU interior showing the operator positions, the Kenwood TM-D710A VHF/UHF and TS- 480SAT HF radios in rackmount boxes. Two computers are running APRS, Airmail, and packet. Custom interior designed and built by Bill W1GTT, then Region 4 District Emergency Coordinator, now CT Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator.

Here is a link to some pictures of the unit.

Young Hams Launch High Altitude Balloon with Radios

by George Main, W1GIV

My name George Main (W1GIV) and I am a high school student in the Norwich Free Academy Ham Radio Club (W1HLO) located in Norwich, CT. Along with our advisers Mr. Girasoli (W1TTL), Mr. Hough (KB1ZIV), and Mr. Monroe (KC1CEV), the other members of the club and I worked to launch a High Altitude Balloon last May.

Included in the balloon was a 10m morse code beacon (which stopped working a few minutes after launch), a APRS transmitter, and a digital camera.

We launched the balloon on NFA Day (a day that our school hosts to "Celebrate NFA"). We sent it up with two balloons because one was not enough to lift it. After a 6 hour flight and an altitude of 80,000ft, it slowly descended to land in northern Vermont, close to the Canadian border.

We contacted multiple people that lived near where the balloon was thought to land, but we were not able to recover it.

On Monday October 6, 2014 Mr. Girasoli received a call from a hunter in Vermont that came across the box in the middle of the woods. He shipped the package back to us and after 5 months we had finally found our balloon!

Here are some pictures of the balloon, some video from when it was up in the sky, and a link to the path that it took. Track (Zoom out for the entire track):!call=a%2FW1HLO-1&timerange=86400&tail=86400

Youtube Video (The camera only recorded for 30 minutes before it ran out of space on the SD card):

We sent this to you because we thought you would be interested in hearing about our ham radio adventures. We plan on launching another weather balloon this year, learning from our mistakes to hopefully make this one better than the last.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

George Main IV (W1GIV), Hollis Barker (KC1AKP), Hayden Murphy (KC1CEU), Konggapun Fungfuangfa, Josiah Babbitt (KC1AKQ), Julia Breen (KC1AKR), Rowan, and our advisers.

National Traffic System (NTS) Corner


CT Section

Submitted by: Ann-Marie, K1STM

Month: November 2014

Station Activity Report

NM1K 115 10 130 1 256
K1HEJ 0 48 58 0 105
K1MLG 0 25 23 4 52
KB1RGQ 0 28 12 3 43
KB1NMO 0 26 6 0 32

Public Service Honor Roll

CALL 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
K1HEJ 40 40 30 50 0 0 160
KB1RGQ 40 40 20 30 0 20 150
KB1NMO 40 32 20 35 0 0 127
NM1K 40 40 30 0 0 10 120
K1MLG 40 40 20 5 0 0 105

Net Statistics

CN 9 9 0 WA1GGN
CPN 33 175 53 N1DIO
ECTN 30 277 32 W1MCT
NVTN 29 130 14 KB1RGQ KB1UAU
Wescon 37 477 74 KB1NMO KB1BSK

Schedule of NTS Nets

NTS Nets Day (s) Time (local) Freq/offset/PL NM QTH
CT Phone Net (CPN) M - S 1800 Local 3.973 Mhz
None / none
N1DIO Gilford
CT Phone Net (CPN) Sun. 1000 Local 3.965 Mhz
None / none
N1DIO Guilford
CT Net (CN) Sa-Su only
1900 Local 3.533 Mhz
WA1GGN West Haven
Western CT Traffic Net
Daily 2030 Local 147.18/+600 141.3 KB1NMO Prospect

Daily 2030 Local 147.12/+600 141.3 KB1NMO Danbury

Daily 2030 Local 145.41/-600 141.3 KB1NMO Vernon
Eastern CT Traffic Net (ECTN) Daily 2100 Local 146.73/-600 156.7 W1MCT Norwich
Nutmeg VHF Traffic Net (NVTN) Wed
2130 Local W-M 147.09 +600 110.9 KB1RGQ Glastonbury
Nutmeg VHF Traffic Net (NVTN)
Thu through Tues
2130 Local 146.685 -600 141.3 KB1RGQ Bristol


Net Frequency or System Day Time
HF Admin Net (SSB) 3.964 Mhz. During Activation During Activation
State wide VHF (FM) KB1AEV – N1FNE – NA1RA System Sunday &
during activation
8 PM Local
as needed
Region 1 (FM) 146.775 – 600 Khz PL 100,0 Hz 1st Monday of month 8 PM Local
Region 2 (FM) 442.500 + DCS 073, Woodbridge Monday 7:45 PM Local

145.290 – 600 PL 110.9 Hz Killingworth Monday 7:45 PM Local

446.925 – PL 77

Region 3 (FM)
KB1AEV – N1FNE systems
Every Monday

8 PM Local

Region 4 North (FM)
147.225 + 600 Khz
PL 156.7 Hz
Every Wed except 1st Wed 8 PM Local
after weather net

146.400 simplex 1st Wed 8 PM Local

Region 4 South
147.060 + 600 Khz
PL 156.7 Hz,

Every Monday

8 PM Local

146.970 Mhz
PL 156.7 Hz.
New London

When needed

When needed

Region 5 North
Na1RA – KB1AEV system
Wed Night

7 PM Local

Region 5 South
147.300 + 600 Khz
PL 100.0 Hz

2nd Wed of month

8 PM Local

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What is NTS?  What are nets?  What is traffic?

These questions are answered in this very nice guide written by Mark W2EAG and is used here with enthusiastic permission.  There may be a couple of inconsistencies as some time has elapsed but they can be handled on a case-bycase basis.  The material is well written and represents a great deal of work by an avid traffic handler.  I hope it is useful to you and that you enjoy the content.  Traffic Handlers Guide

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                  text seperator

NTS Picnic Pictures on this Web Site

See some photos of hams having a great time at the annual Eastern Area NTS Picnic held at the QTH of Betsey, K1EIC.  Follow this link to the Pictures Pag

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CT STEM Academy Contacts International Space Station via Ham Radio

By Al, N1API
The Meriden Amateur Radio Club, held a successful ISS event at the SCOW center in Wallingford, Connecticut on Saturday January 18th, 2014. The STEM, (Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics), Academy Students of Wallingford got to ask Astronaut Koichi Wakata from The Japanese Space Agency about 15 questions concerning life and activities aboard the International Space Station.

MARC members participating in this event were K1SEZ Paul Ciezniak, N1ZN Savage Jim and N1API Al Kaiser. Also present were Betsey Doane K1EIC the Connecticut Section Manager and WA1SFH Doug Sharafanowich the Connecticut EC.

Chris Stone a teacher at Pond Hill School in Wallingford conducted the event for the STEM Students. Other invited guests were present from Meriden and Wallingford and spoke after the event.

The students talked by Telebridge to K6DUE the Amateur Station at Goddard Space Center in Maryland where they were phone patched through a station who was in contact with the ISS as it passed over the East Coast of the United States. The total time of the contact was about 10 minutes and just before the ISS went below the horizon the whole room of about 80 people shouted "arigato" in unison to Koichi, which means thank you in Japanese.

Photos on the Photos Page, or link directly there.

[Ed:  Al provided a link to a youtube video of the event . .  Photos to follow.  ]

New Training Pages on CT ARRL Section

We are introducing a new set of informal training pages here.  We hope you will find them  informative as well as enjoyable.  The first page is a short piece about Tactical Callsigns by our own SEC, Dr. Wayne Gronlund, N1CLV.  Watch this space for future pieces on various topics.  If you have an article that you would like to share here, please email to Training Coordinator Rod Lane,

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Section Manager's blog appears on CT section of ARRL site

See some very interesting short items and links at

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Calendar of events

During the move of our internet host, we upgraded the Web Calendar to the most recent version.  It has some new features, but nothing daunting.  Give it a try - post your upcoming events for all CT hams to see.

The WebCalendar is designed so that club officials, section leadership and other hams may post events for public viewing.  Follow this link for instructions.

New Web server space for the ARRL CT Section kindly donated by Al Petrunti, KA1TCH,