Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) 2016 (Oct. 15)

by Douglas Sharafanowich - WA1SFH

(BSA Troop 701 - Milford; Radio; Merit Badge Counselor)

Section Youth Coordinator - Connecticut

The main goal of JOTA is to enable Scout to Scout conversations via Amateur Radio.

This year, we were able to field 3 Teams to 3 Boy Scout Camps from 2 Councils that were holding Fall Camporees that weekend in Western CT. I also learned that another JOTA station was operating at a Boy Scout Troop campout in Newtown.

-  When HF signals are down in the noise, VHF and UHF always come to the rescue.
-  The Goshen 440 repeater services Camp Strang and Camp Sequassen perfectly.
-  Camp Strang has a solid signal into the Danbury 147.300 repeater with 10 watts.
-  Frank W1LCR Talks “Shop” to Scouts while operating mobile.(Frank is a Communications Specialist)
-  Ralph N1BGE’s Army Cargo Truck broke down 1 mile north of the center of Litchfield.

Our Volunteers
I want to thank each of the folks who volunteered to introduce a combined number of 400 Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to Amateur Radio and provide them with an opportunity to Get On The Air (GOTA). The scouts were really excited to be talking on the radio to other scouts at other camps. Our Teams were:

Camp Sequassen (New Hartford):

Pete KB1PCK, Tim K1TCA, Tom KB1ZXE and Dana KA1WPM

Edmund Strang Scout Reservation (Goshen):

David N1LTW, Mark N1LUF, Ralph N1GBE, WA1SFH
Sherman Hoyt Scout Reservation (West Redding):
Emily N1DID, Richard K1CYW, George AB1QK
Future Plans - JOTA 2017
I am looking to build upon our experience of the past 2 years, and keep expanding the number of JOTA stations across the state in 2017. This is always held on the 3rd Weekend of October (e.g. Oct. 21, 2017).