Your Section Youth Coordinator On The Move

Douglas Sharafanowich - WA1SFH

Section Youth Coordinator - Connecticut

Right now I am focusing on Amateur Radio having a real impact in Scouting. Why? Because, it is an easy target. Scouting provides a huge number of youths that we can reach with existing BSA activities that incorporate Amateur Radio. We just need to coordinate our efforts to make that happen.

There are 4 Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Councils in Connecticut. I am talking to 3 of those Councils about opportunities to include Amateur Radio as part of their scheduled events and ways to inform Adult Scout Leaders about what Amateur Radio has to offer their boys (e.g. the Radio Merit Badge, and satisfying elements of other Merit Badges). For example, the CT Rivers Council has invited us to promote Amateur Radio to Adult Scout Leaders in their 2 upcoming Adult Scout Leader training sessions. The November 2016 session is for about 100 Adult Cub Scouts Leaders, and the March 2017 date is for about 250 Boy Scout Leaders.

A Team Effort
If we are to take steps to promote Amateur Radio and develop new Hams among the youth of this state, then we need to develop a strong support system of Clubs and unaffiliated individuals to be an integral part of the process to make it happen.
Will you and/or your Club resolve to play a role in this initiative?

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