Why NTS?

How would it be if there were no NTS?  Then there would be no defined routing for a message (unless another system was created) and messages would possibly bounce around the country.  You really want to have links between the nets so each message has a possible path.  In the early days of digital traffic, it was common for packet traffic to loop everywhere and anywhere because the bulletin boards were not always forwarding messages to other boards that took care of those messages.  For many years now, the digital stations are routing traffic in a defined way with coordination of volunteers forwarding that traffic. 


And so it is on CW and voice nets.  There needs to be good paths.


In CT, in the early days of packet, the system operators often got together, even within the tri-state region, to figure out who should forward to whom.  Those were fun meetings as we created different paths and calculated our network parameters so that routing would work.  Today, so much is automated!


So that\'s the story in a nutshell.