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Tactical & FCC Callsigns

We frequently use "tactical callsigns" when conducting Public Service or Emergency Communications. The use of tactical callsigns (e.g., Net Control, Checkpoint 7, etc) helps clarify the function of individual stations.

HOWEVER, the station operator MUST still follow all FCC rules when operating. Your Amateur callsign MUST be used at the end of an exchange or at least every ten minutes to satisfy FCC regulation 97.119.

This requirement is easily satisfied by terminating an exchange with your tactical callsign plus your FCC-assigned Amateur callsign. For example, the NCS might end an exchange with “Checkpoint 7, this is Net Control, roger message, N1CLV.”

Failure to appropriately identify your station using your assigned FCC callsign makes you subject to enforcement action by the FCC. In addition, repeater control operators have a responsibility to ensure their repeaters are used properly.

You could be banned from using a repeater by the control op and/or repeater owner for not using your FCC-assigned callsign in accordance with FCC rules.

Please ensure you are identifying your station properly by using your FCC-assigned callsign!!

73, Wayne N1CLV

posted 07 Jun 2011

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